An issue that has come to my attention that I feel others should know about it, is how reality TV  can have a psychology effect on you. In some point of our lives our mothers have told us that watching reality TV can kill our brain cells; but obviously that wouldn’t happen. Right? The reason why reality TV can be problematic is because of how everyone is portrayed. The definition of reality TV on google is “television programs in which real people are continuously filmed, designed to be entertaining rather than informative”. With this definition reality TV is viewed differently and viewers believe that everything is fake. S how do I change the views of the people?  My question though is will I be able to find  more articles and facts about reality TV? I know that when others read this and think of reality TV they are gonna think about how reality TV is a narrow topic, and their is not other information that others need to know about it, but I want to change that view.

For this research project I want to be able to find information on the psychological effect reality can have and how it can impact someone. Is it good? Is it bad? What are the effects of it? Can it effect us in the long run? These are all question that come to my mom so far as I read more and more about reality tv. I also plan on finding  different perspectives of how people feel about reality TV and whether they are for it or against it. I want to be able to create more viewpoints on this topic and create a different stance. 

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