The United States is a very diverse country, with many different groups and cultures. However, with the recent election, racism has really been emphasized and encouraged. That is not how it is supposed to be at all. I believe that people of Latinos or Hispanics descent are the ones who have been facing the most racism and the worst. Being Hispanic myself, this issue really impacts me. Even if I wasn’t Hispanic, I would still feel that this is a topic that needs to be looked at more and stopped. What bothers me the most, is that the racism in our country might only be getting worse, especially with our next president. Racism is never okay, and it’s scary to think that this how the next four years in the United States will be like and experience.  It is sad to think that so many people are okay with having an individual that has been so insulting and so rude towards many different cultures, as our leader. Racism towards Hispanics and Latinos is an issue that is worth starting a conversation and focusing on. I believe that it is only going to get worse unless we do something about it. No matter where you come from, the color of your skin or the language you speak, no one should be treated differently or negatively because of those things.

I am going to do research on racism towards Hispanic and Latinos in America. I am hoping about to find out if there are any ways to address this issue and was we can work towards stopping it. There are no definite solutions, or instant solutions to racism towards Hispanics/Latinos, or racism in general. I believe that people should still try. It is important to remember that our country has always been a melting pot, filled with different types of cultures and groups. That’s one of the reasons that the United States is so desirable to other countries and people. Now, some may say why do I care? Or What does it matter to me? But the truth is everyone should care because I guarantee if roles were reversed, people would understand. We should also be looking at the bigger picture here, because in the future is this really how we want our country to look?


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