Since we live in America many of us know what is considered attractive, beautiful, and good looking. However, many people assume that our beauty standards are the same as the rest of the world but this is not true. In fact, every culture has different traits that they believe are attractive. Personally, I am very interested Asian culture and because of this I have to decided to focus my research paper on Asian beauty standards.I am currently focusing on the question, in what ways do Asian beauty standards affect their societies? This includes focusing on the emotional and physical elements. The physical elements would include what traits Asian cultures find beautiful. Emotional elements include, how do these beauty standards make people feel? And to what extent will people change themselves so they can be considered beautiful? I am considering asking my American friends what they think is beautiful and then comparing their answers to what Asians think is considered beautiful. Another topic that I was thinking could be incorporated into my paper was Asian culture in general. I believe that beauty standards are a part of the Asian culture and I would like to find out how the culture affects these beauty standards. As of right now, I am still undecided about a stance on this topic but am hoping to make one soon. I have currently found one article called, About Face written by Patricia Marx that talks about the industry of plastic surgery in South Korea. I am still looking for more articles to research and am really hoping that I will be able to find some answers because they are not widely talked about.


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