At first I had no clue what I wanted to research and write about, however, after looking at many different topic ideas I finally found the winner: women’s rights. When I say women’s rights I mean how we are still oppressed in the United States, even with the immense progress we have made since the founding of this country. Despite the progress, we still are not equal to men and are seen differently in the sense that we viewed as not being able to hold high positions in society, because we are too hormonal and can’t make decisions as well as men. I chose this topic because it directly affects me. If things do not change I might not be paid as well as a man in my same position of work, or I might not be able to choose what’s right for me and my body because I am denied choice of an abortion, along with other aspects of my life.

Through this research paper I can bring more awareness to my topic and really get down in the dirt. I will hopefully show someone who before thought women were equal to men socially, really aren’t. While researching I will use many different sources and make sure I am also getting the point of view from people who believe women are equal to men in U.S. society. I will make sure I am using different sources that catch many different perspectives and point of views. I can even interview people that range in different age, gender, ethnicity, as well as background. While interviewing I will begin with asking if they believe women are equal to men or not. Then from there I will ask why or why not, along with some other question, and hopefully catch both sides of the my argument. My overall goal for this paper is to show that America needs change.


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