The topic I am choosing to discuss is the harmful effect social media can have on individuals as well as society as a whole. Starting my research on this topic I discovered a site that brought to attention some serious issues. With the world of social media growing, our lives have become more and more public, it seems as if everyone knows even the most private of information about their peers. Another negative effect it mentions is that some people have a “false sense of connection” through social media. People can distinguish the difference between meaningful connections and causal connections we make online.The rise of social media use has caused a decline in productivity, people chose to spend more of their time and energy on social media than they do getting things done. With this new wave in technology it has us questioning how much  has our lives changed because of social networking programs and what will this hold for us. Will it benefit us or harm us? How can we help to prevent these negative effects? Many questions can be asked on this subject.

Jung, Brian. “The Negative Effect of Social Media on Society and Individuals .” Chron. Accessed 17 Nov. 2016.



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  1. Victoria 4 years ago

    Hi Natalie,

    It is interesting that you are bringing this topic up because it is really relevant in today’s world, especially in the lives of teenagers. It is hard to see the ramifications of the presence of the advanced technology we use on a daily basis, because they are a very recent development. It presents a community that is much larger than we could ever have before, but that sense of community may be fake to a certain extent because many of our “followers” on social media are only acquaintances in real life. Also, our obsession with what are peers are doing and how their lives seem compared to ours may be having mental consequences as well. This last week, I tried to have a social media cleanse and for a few days, I kept on checking my phone for notifications or superficial entertainment when I was bored. I still kept my accounts, but now I check them at most once a day now, and I realize how much time I personally spent on these apps.

    If you are looking for data on social media use, is the way to go for lots of up-to-date data. I used it for research on social media recently, so hopefully it’ll help you. Good luck!

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