My work was to make a website using html and other codes such as css coding. Also, my website must contain BSGE information. This is my website that i made for information on BSGE:

I really liked how to make my website and pages. I tried to make sense of my work but most of it was very complicated i kind of new what happened. I’d usually have an hour on my sisters computer to work my websites and it was very hard on a laptop.

My html was to say the least bad:

<title>Frankie’s Home Page</title>
<meta charset=”UTF-8“>
<meta name=”descriptioncontent=”Home Page“>
<meta name=”keywordscontent=”HTML, CSS, 8th grade, tech, programming, lesson“>
<meta name=”authorcontent=”Your username“>
<link rel=”stylesheettype=”text/csshref=”Home.css” />
<body style=”background-color:red“>
<div class=”container“>
<h1>Frankie’s Homepage</h1>
<li><a href=”Home.html“>Home Page</a></li>
<li><a href=”unit2day13.html“>BSGE Info</a></li>
<h1>Frankie’s Home Page</h1>
<h2>About myself</h2>
<p>My full name is Frankie Liang and I like to have fun more often then working because sometimes work does not get you anywhere. </p>
<h2>I like these pictures of csgo:</h2>
<img src=”csgo.jpegalt=”csgostyle=”width:300px;hieght:200px” />
<img src=”csgo_02.jpgalt=”csgostyle=”width:300px;hieght:200px” />
<footer>About me</footer>

And my work was so bad.


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