I have been informed of the election results, and personally, I am very sad. I know, you have probably seen dozens of posts about the election, but I’m going to be talking about a bunch of things in this post.

First of all, I don’t think Donald Trump should have the name of being President because many people have cried, started protests, and even considered suicide BECAUSE of him being elected.

Hillary Clinton would be better because Donald Trump is a business man, and he shouldn’t be able to be President just because he is a rich, cis, white, straight male. Many people of the LGBTQIA+ community might be sent away to camps to “turn you straight,” which is impossible. 75% of people who go to these camps end up committing suicide either during or after these sessions.

Pence (Donald Trump’s Vice President) wants these to be legal AND mandatory. If you are out of the closet, your parents have no say if you go or not. Also, he is against Obamacare, which provides free healthcare for people. If this is eliminated, women might die because they can’t afford Birth Control. A woman can die because her uterus wall can break, causing internal bleeding until they die.

Also, he wants to build a wall. This will probably happen, as most of the people in the Senate are Republicans.

Anyways, Donald Trump is not fit for being president. If you agree with me, please, say something. It could help even if you just start a small protest, or sign a petition. Thank you.

Image: Dallas News

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