If you have been interested in diet, it is likely that you may have heard of Denmark Diet. The meals of the diet consists of grapefruit, bread, eggs, some meat, vegetable salad and coffee. The plans vary depending on where you get them from: you can choose what looks the best for you. What all those plans have common is that they all strictly limit salt and sugar or carbon. It usually goes on for 2 weeks at maximum.

I have done different types of diet so far, but the the loss of weight didn’t last long. I have tried one-food diet and sometimes used dietary products. But I gained my weight back very quickly and also they bothered very much in my daily routine with too much stress.

This diet was first designed by doctors, for overweight heart disease patients who needs heart surgery. Heart is very sensitive part of the body and if there’s fat around it, it may cause difficulties in surgery. It is specialized for losing fat and keeping the balance of the body so it doesn’t hurt the patients. People found this diet plan to be healthy and effective so it became widely known among people.

Denmark Diet helped me realize that restricting myself from eating enough will not help me lose weight. In this diet I didn’t feel so hungry but lost weight. It was because I replaced what I ate with vegetables. I used to love chocolate and sugar. But they have extremely high calories compared to vegetable. I ate the same amount of what I ate but I filled my meals with vegetables and eggs.

I did not only found the faults in my eating habit, but I improved on health. One of my friends told me that trying to lose weight with those kind of extreme diet in this early age will hurt my metabolism by not providing the nutrition needed; but actually this diet improved my metabolism. My hands that used to be cold in the winter all the times got warm. My lips that were always pale actually gained color. This diet actually got rid of what was unnecessary in my body and activated the metabolism.

I strongly suggest this diet to students who has daily schedules to carry on. This will help you to change your habits for long term and also there will be less stress compared to other diet plans.


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