Welcome to my story “The Tale of Sector #%96PB&J” . This story is a tale of a magical place. There are magical creatures and monsters included in my story.

Here is a link to my story: The Tale of Sector #%96PB&J
First, I had to brainstorm ideas for my story. In my previous animation for scratch, I had mythical creatures quarreling so I thought of having some magical creatures like a dragon, witch, wizard etc. I also liked the idea of having them fighting and then resolving the problem. Finally, I love fantasy book so I decided to go with a fantasy theme. Here are some parts of my script:

[Claw] Calm down. If we recruit more people, our chance to defeat her will increase by 25%.[Inferno] What are we waiting for then? Let’s go.
[Pico] Wait what are we talking about?
[Claw] (thinks) Pico is so clueless
[Claw] We are talking about how to defeat the wicked witch Nasty.
[Pico] Oh yeah….

After I finished my script, I used storyboardthat.com to visualize what my final project would look like. I had a lot of fun using this website to pick my characters and scene backgrounds. It also improved what I wanted my final project to be like.  Here are my storyboards:


Finally, it was time to make my final project in scratch. I first imported all my characters and backdrops into scratch and organized my sprites. Next, I started to code where my characters will stand and what they will do. Here are some sample code:


Overall, I had a lot of fun coding. It was challenging figuring out how to do some actions and special effects. I spent around 8 hours in total for this whole project. I really enjoy and like how my final animation turned out.


CC BY-SA 4.0 The Tale of Sector #%96PB&J by Kevin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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