Writing is important for people. It is a way for us to expand our mind and work through parts of our daily life. Writing is as important as a hobby or a pastime as it is for work or other more serious parts in our society, so it seems only natural to offer a course in high school that allows you time to delve into the more personal side of writing.

What I am proposing is a writing workshop style course. The course will consist of an hour dedicated to free writing, community between writers, and assistance on writing from a teacher. Part of the course will include the sharing of works between students and reviewing between students as well. Research into writing forms and studying of popular works could also be included.

A writing workshop course would be good a good time for students to focus more on topics they want to write about, giving them time to relieve stress but continue to use their mind productively. A class that would allow you time to write song lyrics, poems, books, and other creative projects, but would ALSO allow time to write work related projects as well, such as class essays, reports, even college apps if you would so desire. Not only will they receive time for their own writing, but also create a good opportunity to engage with other writers who have similar interests.  

So many kids build up huge amounts of stress due to writing in school. Pressure is put on students to write flawless works in order to succeed, and that causes them to miss the enjoyable and free-spirited side of writing, so including an elective class on creative writing would greatly benefit high school and maybe even some college students. Writing is important, so why not make it something enjoyable in life as much as it is productive, that is what my proposal is offering.  

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