This election cycle has been really crazy in every aspect possible. The candidates that are now in the run for the presidency have been campaigning for well over a year and a half. That is a lot of time spent electioneering for one position. Candidates spend a lot of money and waste a lot of time traveling across the country trying to get their voices heard. That can be very exhausting for both the candidates and the public. It seems as if every election cycle the campaigning time gets a little bit longer. There has to be a limit put on the amount of time spent electioneering for the presidential candidacy. By limiting the electioneering time, the public and the politicians are the ones to benefit. The amount of money spent by the politicians would decrease and the public would not have to listen to the same monotonous speeches.   

Some people think that having a long campaign would allow the public to see what the candidate is truly like. This is true to some extent. During a campaign many things come out about a candidate, some aren’t always positive. The negative things that come out are always dragged on and on until they become unbearable. They bury the positive things in the candidates and don’t allow them a chance for recovery. For example, Hillary Clinton was buried in her email scandal which her opponents blew out of proportion. Throughout the long campaign her emails were the talk of every single conversation which could’ve been avoided if they had only a limited time in which they could talk about only national policies. If there is limited time there is no time to waste and the candidates must focus on delivering their policies instead of insults.

Campaigning is a very important part of the presidential election process. This year we had over 22 candidates running for president, but one by one they dropped out. Either due to the lack of funding or just that they were losing. Presidential campaigning requires a lot of money and time that deters many well qualified politicians from running. They cannot keep up with the increasing demand of money or exhausting time the campaign requires. So those potential candidates tend to stay hidden. This was especially true during this election because according to the NBC exit polls nearly one in five people did not like either of the presidential nominees. The public had two choices who engulfed by scandals and were not well qualified politicians. Reducing the electioneering time is beneficial for the politicians and the people. The Federal Election Commission should consider changing the time for the future politicians and people.

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