The Michigan State football team has had a difficult season this year. There are multiple causes for this whether it be injuries, miscues, bad play calls or having young players. No matter the problem, the blame usually goes to the quarterback and the offence. I think the Spartans should start rebuilding for next year and start the healthy Damion Terry.

The Spartans have had tremendous trouble on both sides of the ball. The defense can’t stop offences and the offence can’t convert on their drives. On the offensive side of the ball the quarterback play has been shaky. Tyler O’Connor, the captain and starting quarterback, started the season on a high note with 241 yards, 2 touchdowns and an interception in South Bend against Notre Dame (MSU). Since then coach Mark Dantonio has called his play “average” and the team is on a seven game losing streak. Putting in a new Quarterback has jump started the Spartan offence at times. I believe that inserting Terry would spark the Spartan offence.

When the Spartans played Illinois, O’Connor was targeted in the head and taken out in the early fourth quarter of the game. MSU then called upon its third string quarterback Damion Terry a junior out of Erie,Pennsylvania. Terry is a dual threat quarterback that has a good arm and has decent speed. Him being a dual threat helped him connect to RJ Shelton for a touchdown pass that gave the Spartans a lead with less than a minute to go in the Illinois game. The playbook was opened up on that drive because Terry has the capability for running the ball. Terry also gave Spartan nation the hope of snapping a six game losing streak. Hope is something that has not been felt since the Lewrke’s started the Northwestern game. Terry also did something important, he scored on a crucial drive with the game on the line.

People might say that coach Dantonio has stuck with O’Connor. He has stuck with O’Connor for the most part but when the team needed a boost he put in a new quarterback. Dantonio has stated multiple times that he is not rebuilding for the future. Every year is important but this year is a lost cause. Rebuilding for next year would boost our recruiting, improving young talent and possibly preseason ranking for next year.

There are three games left in the season and we need to win them all to be considered for a bowl game. After watching all of the games I think the right move is to start Terry against Rutgers and for the rest of the season. Terry would be an interesting matchup for all teams because they wouldn’t know what to expect.




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