The strategies used during the upbringing of your child directly affects the child’s outlook on life. The way a mother or father handles certain situations regarding punishment can easily harm a learning toddler physically and mentally. One form of punishment that should not be used in the discipline of a child is hitting or spanking. This form of discipline can teach a child to be violent, and may affect his or her ability to use words and proper means of communication to express emotions being felt.

        One of the most damaging effects of spanking and beating a child is, this teaches the idea that violence solves problems. This idea is very incorrect because violence; in fact, just continues to makes problems worse. If a child is being taught lessons through violence, this will affect basic and proper communication skills needed to express anger and other saddening emotions in a healthy way. In order to convey a healthy message, a parent should use time outs, or take away privileges that a child has earned.

        Not only does spanking create a violent thought process for a learning child, it can also damage their self-esteem. A child’s self-esteem is a crucial component in his or her ability to succeed later in life. If violent spankings are constantly being used to express emotion, the child may start to believe that something is wrong with himself or herself. This may start to make a child feel useless which can cause a lifetime of low self-confidence. In order to become a successful individual, self-confidence is essential.

        Research shows that children who are spanked during the years of their childhood are more likely to develop mental health and long-term physiological problems such as depression. The various mental health problems that can be caused by spanking a child greatly affect their mental growth rate, overall happiness and their ability to succeed. These mental struggles can follow a child into the stages of young adult life and the adult life as well. There is no circumstance where it is acceptable to compromise the mental health of another human being let alone a child or young adult. This must be avoided by utilizing healthy means of punishment which does not involve hitting and spanking.

        There are many non-abusive ways to raise a very healthy child. These ways include, verbal communication, the use of time outs, taking away certain privileges, etc. These non-violent strategies contribute to a healthy upbringing of a child; as well as, help a child develop important life lessons that will promote his/her ability to succeed.




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