Unwanted pregnancy has been becoming more common, so it was inevitable that the topic of pro-life or pro-choice has become more of an issue. Being pro-choice gives women the choice on whether or not to keep a baby, while pro-life takes that right away from women. I believe that women should have the choices to do what they please with their body because it is theirs and no one else’s. Abortion allows for families and women to make sure that they are ready to provide and care for a baby. Though people may say that abortion are cruel to a fetus, studies show that before 26 weeks the fetus is not functional and cannot feel pain during an abortion. Thus, the process does not hurt the fetus or have any lasting effects on the woman.  Another reason for being pro-choice is because it allows women to make the choice for  a baby that would otherwise be born with severe defects or illnesses to no longer have to suffer through a life of pain and suffering. In addition, if a woman was forced to have her baby, she most likely would give it up for adoption. Though there are families that might take the baby, it is not guaranteed. Babies that aren’t adopted would go into the foster care system, which is a whole different story. Don’t get me wrong there are some loving foster families, in fact I know some, but there are also foster families and group homes that aren’t loving, that are just in it for the money. To put a child through that along with the constant moving around and lack of stability would be cruel. Finally, it gives women that became pregnant because of rape the choice on whether or not they want to keep a baby of such a violent act. Abortion shouldn’t even be up for discussion because the answer is clear: pro-choice is the only choice.


  1. Hello Moiranda,
    I enjoyed reading your post, but one kept bugging the entire time I was reading it. It was your statement that “Pro-Choice is the only choice”. Although I support the Pro-Choice movement I believe that shutting yourself off from other opinions and ideas is harmful to the cause that you are a staunch supporter of. I say this because if you say that Abortion shouldn’t be up for discussion then you are not allowing for people to communicate their opinions. If you don’t allow people to communicate their opinions then there are no ways for people to change their views on issues. This can be dangerous because it doesn’t allow for compromises to be reached.

    What do you think? Should we be accepting of others opinions?

  2. Drew 3 years ago

    “Pro-choice is the only choice.” Damn right. Legalized abortion brings only benefits to people of both genders: women will go to actual doctors for abortions instead of some “underground” clinic, women don’t have to go through the pain of childbirth for a baby they didn’t want, men don’t have to worry about the stress of raising a kid they aren’t prepared for, etc.. Really the only argument against abortion is “it’s amoral”, but I don’t think those crack addicts at the side of the street with their babies are living life too morally either.

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