After a long hard day at work a lot of people get home exhausted and can not find the energy to cook a homemade dinner. The simple solution is to just pick up the phone and order some pizza, the hard part is where to get it from. Sure you may have a personal favorite but a lot of people do not fully understand the wealth of options in the field of chain pizzerias. I came to inform of the pizza choices afforded just in the general vicinity of Lansing Michigan. Based on the data I analyzed the best pizza place in Mid-Michigan is Blaze.

To find the best pizza place in mid Michigan I looked at reviews on both Tripadvisor and Google. On Tripadvisor they ranked all 351 restaurants in the Lansing area. Blaze had the highest rating at rank 62 and tied for the highest rating on google with 4.1 stars. I think this is in part due to Blaze opening so recently but, the pizza is high quality and this has been called the Chipotle of pizza. Up second in the rankings is Jet’s pizza, a regional chain, at number 76 in the rankings but suffered in the google ratings with only 3.2 stars. There was a tie for the worst pizza in Lansing between Fat Boy’s and Pizza Hut. Both of these restaurants did not break three stars and were rated 250 or below in the Tripadvisor rankings. Some surprises for me were Domino’s and Marco’s. Domino’s had the third highest rating in Tripadvisor and a decent 3.2 star rating on Google.  Marco’s was not rated on Tripadvisor but did have a 4.05 average rating on Google. There was a lot of pizza places that had many differing scores for different locations which makes this even more difficult.

The second question on most pizza ordering customer’s minds is how much am I paying?

To determine this I looked at the price at a large cheese pizza at each of these chains. Of course Little Caesar’s came in first in this category with the infamous $5.55 large pizza deal. This is not surprising with anyone who has tried their pizza and I can say you usually get what you pay for. Blaze sells their customized pizza for $7.95 but that is only a nine inch pie as opposed to the standard fourteen inch that is the large at most chains. The most expensive pizza in the Lansing is at Sir Pizza at $18.55 but that is for a specialty. The most expensive cheese pizza is from Goomba’s for $12.99. I think the best value has to be at Pizza Hut which offers a large for ten dollars almost $1.50 less than the other major chains, Domino’s and Papa John’s.

All of this analysis was meant to try and make pizza-buying as objective as possible. For me personally I enjoy the pizza from Papa John’s the most even though others may not rate it quite as high. At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. I did all my own research in this piece based on information I found online so this may not reflect the quality or prices of pizza in your area




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