There are many questions that are asked now a days concerning many different subjects, but the one that seems to come up a lot is whether or not the minimum wage be increased. Many would agree with it being increased because there are many who do not want to pursue a higher level of education or can not due to circumstances revolving around their family life or their personal lives so they have no choice, but to work a job for minimum wage. It is not that easy to pay for yourself when you make minimum wage, but many manage to get by; just imagine though if you had to provide for your whole family working a minimum wage job. Many struggle with this because not everyone is able to go to college or a trade school to start a career or the main provider for the family passes away and they have the burden of providing for the family thrown on them. These are some of the problems that many face and minimum wage jobs can only help so much with their struggle, so they often turn to the government for federal aid which is one of the results of higher taxes.

Studies have shown that if the minimum wage were to increase than more people would be able to afford their basic needs from food, clothing, and housing. If many more would be able to pay for their basic needs then less would rely on federal aid. It is very easily predictable that if less people would rely on help from the government for their basic needs then that could possibly lead to a decrease in taxes. Another benefit about minimum wage employees having bigger paychecks is they would be able to have extra cash which they could and possibly would spend on things they want as well as their basic needs which would lead to a growth in the economy.

Many also argue that raising the minimum wage will only benefit teenagers working a job just for extra cash to spend, but that has been proven false. Statistics have shown that eighty-nine percent of minimum wage workers are in fact twenty years of age or older. That means that the majority of minimum wage workers are adults that are trying to provide for themselves while also pursuing an education at the same time or are just stuck with that job because they either do not want to or can not pursue a proper career. Being a teenager that works a minimum wage job I can say that this is totally false. It will not really be that much of a benefit for me because like for a lot of people especially my age I have to pay for my own things such as my car, clothes, ect… In order to pay for those I have to spend hours which feel endless working in a fast food joint every weekend and believe me working so many hours and not making as much as you would think is honestly pretty disappointing.     

Many also argue that increasing the minimum wage will lead to a rise in unemployment due to jobs laying off employees and only keeping the more experienced ones, but according to statistics that is an invalid argument. Studies done by economists have proven that if anything, an increase in the federal minimum wage would lead to a job growth because minimum wage workers would have additional spending money to buy some of their wants after their needs and all the money circulation will lead to a positive economic growth.


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