Have you ever been distracted while driving? Texting behind the wheel is a huge concern in today’s society. Most of us know that texting while driving is dangerous, so why do people risk their lives? Many people are multitasking and want to respond to quickly to a text. Texting while driving is a major concern in the United States; therefore, I believe it should be banned in all fifty states no matter what age you are.

     In the article, “Campaign targets texting while driving, by Anna Maria, a girl named Brianna Bogue makes the decision to set her phone in the passenger seat after a police officer comes to talk to her about how bad texting while driving is. Police Sgt. Gregory Cunningham from Rhode Island mentions that: “I guarantee you, [texting and driving] will cause a crash [a]nd we’re not only talking to students, but we’re talking to adults, too. This message goes out to everybody” (Maria). Another statistic shows that “…[in] 2014, there were 2,679 teen drivers involved in fatal crashes and an estimated 123,000 teens were injured”(Maria). As a result, people are dying each year from texting while driving, thus this needs to be stopped.

    Although not all states have banned everybody from texting while driving, most states have. Every state law varies. For example, in Arizona, texting while driving is legal. However, in the state of Nebraska texting and driving while hands-free only affects people who are under the age eighteen who have their permit (“Distracted Driving Laws). Also when a police officer gives a ticket to someone for violating the law the officer can either give the driver a primary or secondary offense. A secondary offense means that a police officer can only give the person a ticket only if they are violating another law. Another shocking statistic is: “[a]ccording to data recently released by AT&T, 62 percent of drivers keep their smartphones within easy reach while driving. Nearly four in 10 smartphone users tap into social media while driving, and almost three in 10 surf the internet. One in 10 video chat while driving” (Maria). If the every state makes texting while driving a primary law then everybody will decrease their chance of getting into an accident while driving. Making texting while driving illegal will help save lives.


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  1. Skylar 2 years ago

    Hello Katie, I found this post very interesting and completely true. Teen drivers especially today cannot bare to part from their phones for more than bout 5 minutes unless they absolutely have to. This is a very important issue today. I’m sure if teens and young adults could just wait to check their phones when they get to where they are going, I’m sure this could prevent a ton of accidents from occurring. Great post!
    – Skylar

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