Standardized testing is an unreliable way to measure a student’s performance. There are many factors that can affect a student’s performance in testing such as, students don’t test well, test anxiety, standardized testing is evaluated on us one day but does not intake the other factors that we may be going through such as our emotions, and circumstances. In a way, standardized testing can help our teachers, school, and parents  understand where our academic abilities are at, and help us strive to improve on what we are  missing. But, there are other ways that schools can find that information other than doing standardized testing.

Throughout our school time, we have taken the MEAP, and have/will take the ACT and SAT. We take these standardized test to tell our parents and the school how well we know our academics. But has anyone ever thought about how if we do bad that it can reflect on us. Junior year in high school is probably one of the most stressful years ever.  Juniors spend an average time of 22.5 hours studying and 9.2 is the average number of mandated test that are given. 

We take the SAT and or the ACT, and we take these to help us get into a college as well to show our academic abilities. Colleges see your score and take it in mind as well with your other academic grades. Sometimes when we take standardized test we don’t succeed or receive the score we wanted, so we retake but there are always 3 different outcomes that can come out of it such as  you do better, stay the same, or do worse. Taking any of these test can be stressful, it can cause students to have anxiety and to the point of exhausting themselves. So this is the question, why do we have to take standardized test to help us get into a college? The number that you receive should not reflect how smart you are or how dumb you are. It also should not reflect whether or not you have abilities such as others. Everyone is different and they all have other stronger abilities that they are good at.

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