Most people today have either a phone that they classify as either an iPhone or an Android. The debate about which phone is better has been going on ever since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007. Each phone has its advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to which one is better for daily use, the iPhone is the clear winner.

The iPhone has a simple layout with one button to access the home screen. This makes it so that even a child can pick up an iPhone and be able to use it within a couple of minutes. In the busy world we occupy today, no one wants to spend much time learning how to use their phone, or memorizing all its bells and whistles. The iPhone fixes that; it comes out of the box ready to go and even has instructions as you click on apps for the first time.

Many argue that Androids are more superior to iPhones because there is a greater variety of Android phones to choose from on the market. According to Android Authority, “The sheer variety of Android smartphones from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, ZTE, and others is staggering” (Team AA). Even with such a high number of companies selling these phones and even with the great amount of phones, iPhone still seems to do better in most countries. However, the iPhone, with only one flagship device, is still able to compete. According to Luke Dormehl of Cult of Mac, the iPhone sales went up 5.2% during quarter three, while Android sales went down 3.3%. With so many Android units being produced, it is unusual to see a decrease in sales.

The software adoption rates on the iPhone are also huge compared to those on the Android platform. According to the Apple Developer Website, 60% of iPhones around the world are running the latest software, iOS 10. The Android Developer Website states that only 24% of Android phones are running the latest software, Marshmallow. This means that the majority of Android users are on an outdated software. iPhone users are much more receptive to the updates, implying that Apple is doing a good job pushing out its updates in an easy, accessible manner. In the rapid changing world of technology, it is better to have a phone that is able to update to the latest software easily and quickly because it allows the phone to stay on top of the outdated softwares.

Humans spend a high amount of time staring at their phones every day. It would be beneficial if the phones were easy to use and updated to the latest version. Would you rather spend time actually using your phone or learning how to use it? Accessed 10 Nov. 2016. Accessed 10 Nov. 2016.

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