The question of the day is will Donald J. Trump launch nuclear warheads during his presidency?

I think that Donald J Trump should not be President because of his mental state and how the people voted more for Hillary Clinton than Donald J Trump.

With his mental state, it would be very likely that he will launch a nuclear warhead. He says that he will make the Mexicans pay for a wall. That is clinically retarded because who would pay for something that others want. He also said I’m going to blow the @#$% out of ISIS, etc.

Although he secured a position as “President of the United States,” he should not have the ability to nuke another nation, country, place, etc.


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  1. Jeremi 2 years ago

    Your right. Remember that time Trump shaked his head violently at a news report for about six seconds? (I don’t). Also; form your own opinion before acting like a typical sjw

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