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Welcome to my animation project!
In order to create this animation I first needed an idea about what to write. I based this off of a writing prompt that I found on the internet . The prompt gave me the idea to write about something  in a game world. To write the script of the animation I needed to think about how I would react if I was in all of the characters places in order to give the characters realistic reactions. After completing the script I needed to create a plan of the animation. I used the characters and backdrops from StoryboardThat. It helped me show different emotions and actions which were very important to tell the story. After creating a storyboard, I had to create the animation. I used other animations to see the transitions that I wanted in my animation. Overall I tried to full fill the idea in my head into a reality. I also wanted a small message to end the story. I tried my best to keep the story flowing but still have an interesting turn in the story. I mainly wanted my story to be unique.

This is my script:

The Truth Game

Act 1

[Start scene with  black backdrop saying “Start Game”]

[ backdrop changes to town]

[Juliet is on the left of the town.]

Juliet:  The only information I am given to complete this assignment that I, Juliet, needs to find out the truth before it is too late. The truth about what? Maybe that woman over there can help me.

[Juliet walks to right to find Town Lady #1]

Juliet : Hi, Miss. I was wondering if there is any mystery or something unusual happening here?

Town woman #1: Okay then, but yes teens are going missing all over town. We used all be such a nice community. But now everybody has isolated themselves from each other.

Juliet: Looks like I need to investigate!I need to interview the people of this town. I HAVE TO WIN!  

Town Woman #1: Since you are investigating, I’ll give you an address of a family that was affected. The boy’s little sister really wants to help out in any way she can.

Juliet:  Thanks!

[background changes to front door of the little girl’s house.]

Juliet: Hi Miss, I’m here to investigate the disappearance ofー

Little girl:  Of my brother! Come in, Come in! Don’t tell my mom. My mom is heartbroken. But I’m really strong. I know he’s still alive. I just know it. I’ll give you all the information you need. I’ll be of good use.[Says really quickly]

Juliet: Oh Ok?

[The backdrop changes to house]

[mother is on the couch crying/sad]

Little girl: Shhh, I don’t want my mom to worry.

Juliet: Are you sure your mom is okay?

Little girl: It doesn’t matter now. Let’s got to my room.

Narrator: They talk about her brother, Juliet leaves with information but not enough to find the “truth” she walks around the neighborhood when she stops at a house that triggers a faint memory.

Act 2

[Backdrops changes to a house]

Juliet: [says with voice cracking] This isー This is my old house. I used to live here. Then that happened. I ran away. Only to come back here to investigate about my childhood neighborhood.


[ sitting in childhood home,her old room]

Scarlet:Okay you won’t think I’m going insane right?

Juliet:No, you’re my best friend! Just tell me what’s wrong I have things to do.

Scarlet:  IーIー feels weird. Something bad is going to happen. I don’t know. I feel strange but powerful. Please help me.

Juliet:Scarlet, you are going crazy. Scarlet, I have a project to work on. I have to get the best grade.

[Scarlet is angry]


Juliet: Scarlet. Just calm down. I need to get a good grade on this. I want to be the best.

Scarlet: Of course. You only care about yourself. Ughhhh. I HOPE YOU NEVER WIN ANYTHING.

[Kyle, Juliet’s brother walks in]

: Umm girls don’t you think this is somethingー


[Kyle disappears]

Juliet: Where’d he- What did you do? He was all I had left. You-You-You monster.

[Flashback ends]

Juliet: Scarlet- She’s able to make people disappear. SHE IS DOING ALL THIS DAMAGE!

Narrator: Juliet wonders all over town only come back exactly where she started, her old home.

Juliet:[panting] I’ve. Looked. Everywhere. I might as well see how this place changed while I was gone. Maybe the person who now lives here can help me out.

[backdrop changes to the living room. She finds all of the missing kids and Scarlet]


Scarlet: I know it wrong, but I’ve lived with this guilt for-

[end of act 2]

Act 3


Scarlet: LOOK, I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED ALL THOSE YEARS BACK! I KNOW HOW AND WHY I MADE YOUR BROTHER DISAPPEAR!I can get him back. I just need to switch him out. I just need more people because it’s harder to bring someone back then it is to bring someone out.


Scarlet: Since when have you cared about others? You always cared about yourself. I can make YOU happy.

Juliet:Wait  what?

[Kidnapped kids are motionless}

Scarlet: Look Juliet. I hope you know that either way somEone will lose and someone will win.

Juliet: In what way?

Scarlet: If you try to stop me, I can easily make perform the ritual. Remember I have powers.

Juliet: But why are you doing this?

Scarlet: This is how my story is written. The only way to reset this story is to end the game. But see you would lose in this. Everything would reset except your memory. You would remember everything, your brother wouldn’t come back. You’ll be the only one suffering. Just imagine, everyone happy, except you.

[Juliet thinks back to the mom that was crying]

Juliet [thinks]:  Is my happiness, one person, who’s already dealt with this for years, worth the sadness and worry of a whole town? If I end the game, yes I won’t win, but she won’t be able to make permanent harm. Will it  be worth it? I will have to live with the constant pain that my brother is somewhere and I am lonely, but those people will be happy. This isn’t something that I should be selfish about. These people have families, siblings. They deserve to be happy. There smiles will keep me smiling.

Scarlet: Juliet? Aren’t you going to try to stop me? You are a really bad superhero.

Juliet: Will you remember this if I end the game?

Scarlet:[ quietly] no

[ backdrop changes to a black screen. It says pause on top. The button says continue and end game]

[mouse sprite clicks end game]

[Juliet appears in a black void. Kyle is there. They are on opposite side of the screen. Kyle is on the right.]

Juliet: K-k-k-kyle

Kyle: You did it! You won! You didn’t think about your own happiness for a change.

Juliet: But I thought-

Kyle: This was the game. You had to find out the truth. You had to find out that sometimes other people’s happiness is a greater reward than your own. That’s your reward.

Juliet: So you knew about everything?

Kyle: Juliet, this is your game. You’re the main character here. We are all here to make sure you get the truth.

Juliet: So this is how it feels to win? I feel-

Kyle: AMAZING? SELFLESS? PRETTY GREAT? Like you saved a bunch of people?

Juliet: So where exactly am I? What do I do here?

Kyle: You pretty much can do whatever you want. Live the life you always wanted to. It’s The End.

Juliet: What about Scar-

Kyle: Shhh, everything is okay. She’s okay. Remember you can live the life you always wanted.

Juliet: Okay. But man I really missed you!


In order to create my animation I used the code blocks in Scratch:


Scratch Codes

This is a sample of my storyboard:




CC BY-SA 4.0 The Truth Game by Jana is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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