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Creative Process

I have spent over a month working on this project! I created a script for the scenes, characters, and each word that they speak. I also created a storyboard to outline our animation before I actually made it.

The Maze Craze: Intro

The maze craze is a fantasy animation. The main plot is that a crazy scientist wizard is trying to trap the 2 kids of really smart professors after being placed in 3rd of the class. The kids overcome obstacles to get back to their parents safely and defeat the scientist.

Script Creation

The script it a play script that has 3 acts. If you would like to follow along on the script while playing the animation, it is posted below.

The Maze Craze-Script

Scene 1, Act 1

Setting-Anastasia’s bedroom in her house

Characters scene 1-Anastasia and Pablo

[Anastasia sits on her bed reading]

[Pablo enters stage left]

Pablo: Anna, what are you doing?

Anastasia: NOt much, whats up?

Pablo: Mom and dad are teaching the afternoon classes at school. I was thinking that we’d go visit them. It’s kinda boring at home with only YOU here.

[Anastasia stands up to glare at Pablo]

Anastasia: pfft, sure. I guess we could go. Why are you so jumpy though?

Pablo: I can finally do something NOT boring! Why won’t I be?

[Pablo jumps up and down]

Anastasia: Meet me in 5 minutes!

Scene 2, Act 1

Setting: Science Lab

Characters: Dr. Galzo and his cat Mimi

Dr. Galzo: MWAHAHAHA! I sense that the children will be coming for their parents do you not! Finally time to unleash my new WEAPON!

[cat meows]

Dr. Glaze: Do you not know? Fine. I shall tell you. Carmen and Josh went to my school but I was top student. But one day, Josh became the best football player. He was ranked top 2 in all his classes before me, but because of the sports, he was moved to 1. Carmen also got moved, being in cheerleading. Leaving ME, in third. Now they are great teachers and I! I am nothing! I shall get revenge be taking their children. With my evil plan, they will not be successful as adults! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

[Cat meows again]

Dr. Glaze: huh…

Scene 1, Act 2

Setting: Professors classroom

Characters: Josh(dad), Carmen (mom), Anastasia, Pablo

Anastasia: DAD!!

Josh: Oh! Anastasia, what are you doing here?

Pablo: We got bored!

[Carmen enters stage right]

Carmen: PABLO!

Pablo: We were bored at home so can we take a look around the school?

Josh: No problem! Just stay away from the lab!

Anastasia: what’s wrong with it?

Carmen: Oh nothing. Just avoid it

[Carmen, and josh leave]

Pablo: I’m going to that lab!

Anastasia: Mom and dad said no!

Pablo: Then I’ll go myself!

Anastasia: Ok OK! I’ll go.

Scene 2, Act 2

Settings: A mysterious lab

Characters: Pablo and anastasia

[Pablo enters stage left with anastasia following. Lab door opens]

Pablo:You see what I’m seeing?

Anastasia: what? I see a light in there…

Pablo: A PORTAL!

[Portal appears]

Pablo: HURRY!

[Pablo pulls anastasia]

[Light shimmers and they disappear.]

Scene 3 Act 2

Setting: Portal world (maze)

Characters: Pablo and Anastasia

Pablo: Woah… Are we in a maze?


Pablo: I guess I know I way out!

Anastasia: How? You’re just you, you can’t solve problems

Pablo: HEY! Anyways… I read this in a book but I forgot…

Anastasia: Hey! Me too, in science, they said if you keep close to the right wall, you will get to the exit!

Pablo: Let’s do that!

Anastasia: Follow me!

Scene 1, Act 3

Setting: Portal MAze

Characters: Anastasia and pablo, Projected tiger

Anastasia: These walls are full of thorns…

Pablo: How are we supposed to hold on?

[A tiger come into view]


Anastasia: It’s gone!

[Tiger disappeared]

Pablo: What the…

Anastasia: I think that they’re projected into the maze!

Pablo: How do they look so real?

Anastasia: Must be someone as smart as mom and dad!

Pablo: Smarter! Mom and dad have been working on these things and yet they said that it has not been figured out yet!

Anastasia: Who could be smarter than mom and dad? They were top students in their grade!

Pablo: Let’s go just avoid these things.

Scene 2, Act 3

Setting: Portal Maze

Pablo: Are you 100% sure I’m not hallucinating?

Anastasia: I can see it too silly.

[Turn to a door]

Pablo: What’s that?

Anastasia: This looks exactly like the lab where we got in here during the first place. I feel like we can get out by being in here!

Palo: Come on then!

[Anastasia opens door to see a mysterious man sitting inside]

Scene 3, Act 3

Setting: Mysterious lab at the end of maze

Characters: Anastasia, Pablo, and Dr Galzo

Dr. Galzo: You children, are here! I have been waiting, what took you so long?


Dr Galzo: But you guys did choose to come here.

[Dr Galzo forces the 2 children into a room]

Dr Galzo: Sleep here for now. I will be here with your breakfast tomorrow morning.


[pounds door as it closes and locks]

Scene 4, Act 3

Setting: Bedroom as the lab

Characters: Anastasia and Pablo

Anastasia: Hurry! The window might make a lot of sound if we are slow.

Pablo: Hurry! Hurry up slowpoke…

[They escape the window and they are in the lab again.]

Dr. Galzo: Yes! I will now dismantle this portal


[Pablo and Anastasia run to the portal and they glimmer and disappear]

Dr. Galzo: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I’m dismantling it though! NO!

Scene 5, Act 3

Setting: School

Characters: Parents, Pablo, Anastasia

Pablo: Mom! Dad!

Carmen: Oh honey! Where were you?

Pablo: Some crazy scientist guy got us in a creepy maze.

Josh: Dr. Galzo

Anastasia: What’s wrong with them?

Josh: I’ll tell you when we get home.

[Shows The End On the Screen]


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