Welcome to my story animation. You are now entered into the world of drum rolls. I used the help of my story script, storyboards, and developer’s log to guide me through my animation. At first, I did have to struggle a bit, but I soon caught up by managing my time and work.

This is my story script:

Act 1-Exposition:
1. In the exposition, I will introduce two of my characters. They will be named Mackenzie, Natalie. The setting will start out in a middle school hallway . The girls will be known as 7th graders. (The 2 girls will walk out of the orchestra room. Mackenzie will sashay in front of Natalie and stop her). It will be a Tuesday.

Act 2-Rising Action:

2. In the rising action, Mackenzie and Natalie will be having a conversation. Mackenzie: Hey, stop right there.
Natalie: What’s wrong? Is everything alright?
Mackenzie: (stomps her foot and makes fists) Urgh! You are so happy about yourself and bragging that you are better at playing drums, aren’t you? I hate it when you play well! Why don’t you just quit?
Natalie: Why would I quit? Just because you can’t play, it doesn’t…
Mackenzie: Shut up, you big mouth chicken legged bragger!

Act 3-Resolution:

3. In the resolution, a new character named Jana is introduced. She convinces Mackenzie and calms her down. The resolution is that the three girls decide to hold practice sessions every Friday after school at Natalie’s house. They become good friends and Mackenzie does understand the situation.
Jana: Why don’t you two stop fighting! What’s the matter?
Natalie: She is bullying me just because I play better drums. I bet she’s just jealous.
Mackenzie: Nooo, I am not…
Jana: Ok. I understand the situation. However, I do have an awesome idea! Maybe, we could practice playing drums once a week to help each other improve our skills.
Mackenzie: I guess that sounds good.
Natalie: I’m in. Well, we could practice in my house on Fridays after school.
Jana: Fantastic! Let’s go to lunch!
(the three girls walk down the hallway to lunch)

The second part to the resolution will take place in a different setting. It will be Natalie’s garage. It is their first practice on Friday afternoon. Everything is fine and they sure are enjoying themselves. A new character will be introduced, Natalie’s mom, or Mrs. Brozok.
Mrs. Brozok: Do you girls want any pizza?
Jana: Sure.
Natalie: That’s great!
Mackenzie: mmm…. delicious!
(drumrolls, beats)
Mackenzie: How do I balance out the beats.
Natalie: Be there in a second Mack.
This is the coding I did for one of my characters:


The story script and coding above helped me stay within the guidelines and follow the script. Please watch my animation after reading this description. I hope you enjoy it!


CC BY-SA 4.0 The Drum Rolls by Ritwika is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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