As we all know, Trump has won the election and is going to President for the next few years. Many people are scared and afraid about America’s future and what Trump is going to accomplish as being the leader of the entire country. At the same time, there are people who believe that Trump should have been President because of his proposals, etc. In my opinion, I was surprised about the fact that Trump actually won. I still cannot handle the idea that a business person is suddenly going to be a politician that can possibly ruin America.

Many people that have taken opinions on the two candidates have said that Hillary should have won. They have focused on the behaviors on the candidates and not about exactly what they have said in their debates. However, in the last minute, people have changed their view on the election. They started to think about the ideas of both Trump and Hillary and believe that Trump actually has reasons behind what he says. Yet, there are some people who are still worried about the fact that Trump is president. He has said many things about immigrants, Muslims, women, and LGBT.

Taking about the actual votes, Trump was surprisingly winning from the beginning. When I started watching, Trump had won 19 electoral votes and Hillary had won only 4. From that time, I knew that Trump was going to win. At some point, I idea changed because Hillary started leading and she more of Florida started becoming democratic. Then, my view changed because Trump got the column in the middle (where Texas lies) and was leading by about 30 electoral votes. There was no hope for Hillary because there were many states who was going to republican and even if California picks Hillary, Trump would still be winning. At the end, there were full out democratic states who for the first time picked the republican party.

When I heard that Trump won, I was devastated because I don’t know what he’s going to accomplish. He has said many things and he keeps changing his idea. Also, you never know how he’s going act towards the American people. He doesn’t consider the minorities and that is what America needs at this time. He also has offended some races of people as well as women in general. You never know what he’s going to as a President and whether he will be respectful or not.

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