November 8, 2016, marked the day that the 45th president was elected. Donald Trump became the 45th President. My opinion on Trump becoming President is that of relief because I feel that Hillary Clinton is really unfit to run for President. For example, Trump’s ideas are more fit to run as President. He will keep out immigrants, and to make jobs and factories in the USA.

Hillary’s ideas are more unfit for the USA. For example, the act of keeping in immigrants are what allows Trump to seem superior, and therefore win. Trump campaigned everywhere, and not just in cities. He made the most of the state vote for him, and Hillary went to cities and very few counties. Trump appealed to swing states more, therefore allowing her to lose. This is why Donald Trump won. He also got the minority vote and took Democratic votes, mostly from Hillary Clinton.


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  1. Arlo 2 years ago

    I think a sweet potato would be a better president than Trump! Plus Trump is a cheater who knows nothing about politics, and he has declared bankruptcy multiple times and was going to go to court for sexual assault. Hilary knows how the economy works, she was First Lady and has been in politics very long. Please learn more.

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