I like how the weather is in Fall and how the leaves are different colors.

I like helping out my friends with their leaves and going hunting.

My favorite things to do are carving the pumpkins with my family and playing baseball and football.

I just started going to a new school. I used to be homeschooled until about a month ago.

It’s hard adjusting to the new things, like how there are so many different people here, and it’s really hard to focus.

Photo by Brian Rinker



  1. Luke 4 years ago

    Hi Joe I love your poem and totally agree that fall is a welcome reprieve from the summer. We get to see our friends at school again, football starts back up and we do not have to sweat everywhere we go. I think I enjoy the cold much more than the extreme heat and fall gives you a little bit of heat while still being cool enough to enjoy without discomfort. The only sad thing about fall for me is the beaches close and no one goes swimming anymore.

  2. Jose 4 years ago

    Dear Joe,
    I may have to be with you in that. Fall is the best season the reason being, the temperature starts to drop leafs start to drop also. Christmas getting closer, anxious for winter break. Fall allows the trees to change into different colors from red to yellow. Seeing the first snow flakes telling us that winter is upon us. Changing your wardrobe from shorts and shirts to sweatpants and sweaters. Just wanting to sit in front of a chimney drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. Sunday nights during fall are the best to watch Sunday Night Football especially when the Denver Broncos play.

    Sincerely Jose,

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