You’re probably reading this because one, you don’t know what the word “Montessori” means, or two, you know what it is and you want to see what I know. Well, for starters “Montessori” is generally used with Maria Montessori, an Italian teacher. She had her own method of teaching and it’s called “The Montessori Method.”

Montessori teaching is different from, let’s say a public school. Students in a Montessori classroom are allowed to choose their work within a range of options. Students are usually in mixed-aged classrooms within 3 years. They have uninterrupted work times, usually 3 hours long. And teachers are required to have a special degree for Montessori teaching.

I myself went to a Montessori school from ages 3 to 12, it’s a completely different atmosphere from most schools, but it prepares you in the best ways possible for public schools, and life in general.

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