Q: What would you do if you were locked in your favorite store for the night?

Oh, you just doomed yourself….MYSTERY SHACK, HERE I COME!!! I’m not a store person, so my favorite store doesn’t exist…does the Shack even count as a store? I mean, they have a gift shop…

Well, I would use my fangirl powers (which I would have because I would be in another dimension- I’ll probably need a whole new post to explain them, it actually has a lot of philosophy…) to look like my character, Hero, who might also get her own post because she is a very complicated and mysterious person. Then I would teleport up to the twins’ room (because Hero is a brine and she can do that) and rudely yell at them to WAKE UP PINETREE, COME ON SHOOTING STAR!!! And possibly do that in Bill’s voice to freak them out. Then me and Mabel would have a glitter party and I would make it rain glitter, and I would hold Dipper down while Mabel put makeup on him…we would have lots of fun! Well, Dipper probably wouldn’t.

Then I would talk to Dipper about supernatural stuff and Bill, and I would end up sobbing into his lap because Bill is dead.

(Bill is not dead. The memory gun doesn’t ERASE memories, it just stores them in a special tube. So, Bill is alive in one of these tubes, probably in a vegitive state, like a cryogenic sleep)

Then I would end up having one of my “episodes” and Weirdmageddon Part II would happen…hehe, yep, I’m mentally alright…hehe…

Okay, now please forgive my fangirling, but he asked for it…literally….he asked us to post one of our journal entries and of course I’m not gonna post “How to Be A Good Student”, that’s boring!

I’m really bad at this website 🙂

And Mr. McAffee, I know you’re gonna grade this. You asked the question. I answered honestly. No, you may NOT give me a bad grade.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Mr. McAffee’s Grave Mistake by Celeste is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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