There was a shadow. It haunted cities all over the world.  Caused by a little girls nightmares. Her name was Nadeje. She dreamt of an unknown figure flashing from one place to the next. Like when a flickering street lamp is the only light on the street, and a person is walking closer. You can only see some of their movements until they disappear into the dark and come back a foot closer when the light returns. None of the other children had dreams like this. There were no dreams of dark in this city of light. The shadow could use the indecision of souls to jump between places. Nadeje was the only one who hadn’t decided. The other Angels had. They had decided whether to serve Heaven or Hell on Earth. She had not. She was standing on the tip of a needle, trying to find a safe way down.

Heaven and Hell had equal numbers now, but whichever she chose would give one of them the upper hand. That was what she was. Hope. Hope for the side she chose and destruction for the other. Her full name was Nadeje A Zničení. Hope And Destruction. She knew she couldn’t decide. If she decided, then war would rage around the human world. So she decided, she wouldn’t decide. The human killings would stop. All angels were charged with protecting them and their world. If the war went on, the human plane of reality would be forgotten.

She flew high into the sky above the human world. And screamed. It was terrifying and raw. Every angel heard it and put aside their disputes to come to the human lands. They remembered that after all this time, their purpose was to protect humans, the creators favored child. When they hear a scream so sad, like all life had ended, like death was the only option now. Two lieutenants, Láska of Heaven, and Milost of Hell found Nadeje on the ground. It was unheard of for an angel to die. There was only one way. To break your wings. To break what holds your position as an angel. Letting time catch up in the mortal world. Nadeje had flown so in the sky she almost touched the wispy clouds. She had brought and iron bar which she pushed against her wings until she felt red hot and ice cold pain shoot through her. Crack. Her wings were broken. She had fallen. Her tears lifting of her cheeks into the air. She has smiled, completely content. Nadeje had sacrificed her immortal life, so not only the humans would live, but all of the Angels who would have fought and died in the war. Láska and Milost reported to their generals about this. The generals reported to God and Lucifer. The two rulers ended their war and became one people, it’s only purpose: to serve and protect mankind.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Her Sacrifice of Dreams by Iris is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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