Letter to the Next President:

Hello, Ms. or Mr. President. Congrats to taking charge of our country! An important issue that I care about is Animal Rights. One part of this issue is Zoos. I believe that animals need more freedom! It does not matter if it is during the day or during the night but they need it. Animals are not meant to be your 6th-grade science project or something for you to get popcorn and stare at, they are meant to be in the Jungle or Desert or somewhere where they get to be with friends and family. We need a president that can be a leader and take charge of such an unjust issue that is happening in our community, country, WORLD right now.

Another part of this issue is circuses because they are dressing up animals just to get money. Why don’t you just watch grass while you’re at it! Some cirques are nice but it is still cruel to animals. Others are so cruel, you just want to cry. They whip slap so hard, sometimes(rarely) animals die! If you ever read this and show this to the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches, please tell them to make this a law: No animal cruelty: Fine:1,000 dollars and 5 years Jail time! (maybe (= )

Photo by dirkjanranzijn

CC BY-SA 4.0 Animals Are People Too! by Ramatoulaye is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Jasmin 1 year ago

    Dear Rama,
    What you are saying is really powerful. I like how you state what you feel. I think that what you are doing can be called speaking up for people, in this case animals, who cant talk. You are taking a stand for what you believe. I really liked your post. Very interesting.

  2. layla 1 year ago

    Dear Rama,

    I really agree with your idea because I personally love animals and I think it really is cruel to abuse or lock up the animals. I think that we should respect them, they are part of our society too. 🙂 😉

  3. Abigail 1 year ago

    i agree with you ramatoulaye because i think that animals are just like humans they have feelings like humans. so i think that it should be a law to stop animal abuse.

    • Author
      Ramatoulaye 1 year ago

      Thank you abby I really agree. This is an important issue that Our world need to recognize

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