Posted by Corinne on November 3, 2016

ALL people should be treated equally

I hate to see people who are being judged just because of their sexuality or gender. America is supposed to be a country where you can be free, but some people are judged just by who they are.

You shouldn’t judge people by who they love. If you are currently in a relationship with someone who you really love, then imagine being judged constantly by parents, friends, and anyone in the world about being with them. People feel unappreciated. To the point where they self-harm or even kill themselves because people are saying the most horrible things.

Earlier this summer, on June 12th, there was a mass shooting at an LGBTQ+ nightclub called the Pulse nightclub in Miami, Florida. It was the biggest mass shooting ever in America. Hundreds of people died. That scares a lot of people. The people at the club that night felt terrified at a place where they should feel safe, happy, and able to express themselves.

Some kids and teenagers are even kicked out of their own homes because their parents won’t accept the fact that they’re LGBTQ+. Imagine not being accepted by your own parents. Just because you are being who you are.

I also feel like transgender bathrooms should be in every building in the US. Everyone should be comfortable in their own environment, especially when they are doing something as simple as using the restroom.

Some people do support LGBTQ+ and try to help. I want to thank these people for supporting this. If more and more people in the world say what they think about this cause than the world can be a happier, better, place.

Photo by istolethetv