1. Xochitl 6 months ago

    I’m your secret writing pal. This is a very interesting post and is very well written. I agree with your opinion and think that police brutality is an important topic to talk about.

  2. Luke 10 months ago

    This issue is not only about the killing of black people and other minorities anymore. I think this issue is now about equal treatment in general and not only in killings by the police. Minorities should not have to worry about being pulled over as often. The only question going through the mind of someone who is pulled over is “what did I do wrong?” instead of “is it because I am black?”

  3. Jordan 10 months ago

    I think police brutality is a serious topic. But people don’t think it is a big topic. I agree with you that it is has lead to more violent and causing more issues. When need someone to stop police brutality and I think that needs to be the next president. I agree with you that most of the victims are african americans and needs to be fixed. I like your information and I like your topic.

  4. Dinakar 10 months ago

    Allison- This is a very interesting topic that is very eye opening. I love how u have tons of evidence but you should try weaving this into the texts instead of linking straight into the text. Other than that this is a very good stance and I believe with more evidence and popularity this can be a very successful essay.

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