Posted by Andres on November 1, 2016

Journal Entry

Journal Entry By Andres Cushman C.

Q. What does it take to be a successful member in society?

A. First of all being a member of society means that YOU care and you are the one responsible and hopefully optimistic. Being a good member means that you need to be kind and respectful give your friends and strangers a welcoming feeling treat them how you would want to be treated, second you would probably want to be forgiving and enthusiastic so people will always want to be your friend and a person they would want to be best friends with, thirdly be optimistic and helping in times of crisis. Remember you want to be how you want to be and make sure to be helping, serve your community and help the world.

MQ. Hello I would like to ask you a question if you have time; If you could shape the world and have your own selection of leaders what would you do and why, For each country on a sheet of paper write what they would do and what kind of goverment they should have, remember do what THEY want to do.