1. Will 9 months ago

    This is great. My letter to the next president consisted of almost the exact same content. I love the concern our generation has for the environment, and even though there are lots of other issues on our plates, this is something we need to make time for. Well done. Your piece had no errors and your evidence was well supported. Keep it up.

  2. Wentao 10 months ago

    Agree with you, since we living in this blue planet, we need to pay attention on improving our environment. We cannot continuing devastate our home any more. Our ancestor lived us a beautiful, adequate resources planet, and we should keep going, and make it better to the next generation.

  3. Brandon 10 months ago

    I agree with this 100%. Often i feel like we keep ignoring the issue because we figure we will be long dead by the time it actually causes any major damage. We need to realize that this isn’t the next generation’s problem though and address it right away.

  4. Zach 10 months ago

    I also believe that global warming is an overlooked issue. I feel that this may because the long-term, negative impacts of global warming are hidden.

  5. Skylar 10 months ago

    I really like this topic being addressed because taking care of our environment is to me the most important problem that is needing to be fixed. There is so much that needs to change and this next president definitely needs to recognize it.

  6. Marren 10 months ago

    Well Said! I also agree with you and the fact that if we improve your environment it will help improve many other problems we have globally. I also think that our planet is the most important thing, mostly because it makes it possible for us to exist and I defiantly think it should be our first priority in all discussions.

    I do understand that this piece of writing is to state the importance of our environment and to bring attention to the planet, especially to the election. But it would be really cool to see the information expand in this piece, for example; how we can start fixing our global environment problems and how these problems have and will start affecting us. just an idea!
    Thanks for reading my thoughts!!

  7. Samantha 10 months ago

    I agree with you. I think focusing on improving our environment before anything else. If we improve the environment we will be living in a better society and will have the ability to fix the other things that need to be fixed in our society.

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