Author: Giselle

Did I mention I need you?

In the book I am currently reading, Did I Mention I Need You? I have gotten to the part where Eden discovers what Tyler was hiding from her. She finds out that Tyler had been smoking marijuana during his trip to New York. She was rummaging through the cabinets in the kitchen trying to look for after sun lotion when she finds marijuana in a mason jar. 

She is stunned, to say the least. She stared down at it in disbelief. She didn’t know why there would be weed in the apartment. Her mind starts going crazy as she thought whose it might be. Is it Snake’s? Or is it Tyler’s?

She couldn’t take it anymore with these assumptions and went looking for Tyler. She knew for a fact he would be on the roof so she ran up there.

When he acknowledged her presence she started off by greeting him calmly almost nonchalantly while she hid the marijuana behind her.

He greeted her the same way not knowing what was going on until she held the jar directly in front of his face. “Please tell me this is Snake’s,” she told him.

He didn’t say anything nor did he try to deny it he just stayed quiet for a bit. That’s when Eden exploded in anger. I am excited to discover more layers of this book this week.

I haven’t yet finished the book, but I am ecstatic to see what happens next.