Drum, Drum, Drum! Hear that sound? That’s the patriots coming to Yorktown, so you’d better surrender or prepare to die in a bloody way and wished you had surrendered. I am going to tell you guys about the Battle of Yorktown and how it helped the patriots win independence. The battle of Yorktown was one of the most important battles that had happened and made the war end.

The End of the War

George Washington the navy general found out from a spy that was spying on the British and said that the British were camping outside of Yorktown. George thought he could surround Yorktown. Now imagine how many men were needed to surround Yorktown. The french had decided to join  forces with the patriots so they could help each other if the British wanted to spill blood. Now, why would the French help the patriots fight when it was not their war. The general of the french army was Lafayette and he planned how to surround Yorktown before they would leave. Think about how hard and how tired most of the french and patriot’s were walking to Yorktown. The patriots did it to make sure the British did not leave. The patriots’ barriers were on the south side and the french barriers were on the east and west side. Many troops were needed to make those barriers and also on the ships too. The french ships had to take out four British and a fort on the other island. Imagine all those troops that had died on those ships during the surprise attack. When the british found out that they were stuck in Yorktown the British had no choice but to surrender. Imagine how scared the British were when they saw the french and patriot’s coming to surround them. The patriots had finally made the British surrender to them with the help of the french army.

The surrender

When the British had surrendered they had no choice but to tell king George  about their surrender. How would you feel if you were king George? The British were so mad about losing to the patriots. Even the parliament was mad too. The British troops that were in Yorktown had to leave because it was not their town anymore it was the patriots’ and french town. Imagine how many British soldiers were so mad that they had to surrender if you were one of them how would you feel if you were one of them? When the fighting was over all the patriot’s were in joy about all the men that had risked their lives for their own colony. Now if you were a patriot and you made the British surrender to you how would you feel and how would you tell your family and friends? Most patriot troops did not have any training about war most of those soldiers were farmers or teenagers fighting in the war while the British had more experience about war than  the colonies. Imagine all the wars that the British were in and how many wars did the colonies have. The parliament was so mad they thought they had one of the most brutal armies that no one has ever seen

After the war

Once the British surrendered that was the way how the patriots won for independence for the colonies.Imagine how the thirteen colonies felt when the patriots came back and told everyone what had happened. The king of England was so mad that his own army surrendered to the patriots. The parliament was mad also they thought they had  the most brutal and dangerous armies. Now if you were the king and the parliament how would you feel if your army lost the war? The patriots had more soldiers than the British that were in Yorktown. Now if you were one of those patriots at a barrier how would you feel if they surrendered to you. The war was over after the surrender at Yorktown that gave all the colonies independence.

Now since I told you how important this war was at the end of the war the patriots joined the french army and together they made the British surrender to them both also when the British surrendered that was the biggest moment in history. Last but not least after the war the patriots and colonies all celebrated the win against the British that ended the revolutionary war.

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