Dear presidential candidates,

I am writing this letter to you because the amount of LGBTQ+ discrimination that’s happening everywhere. I’m writing this letter because less than a third of the U.S. have laws protecting people from discrimination based on sexual orientation, and only a handful prohibit discrimination based on a person’s gender identity and expression.
I am writing this letter because every hour in the U.S. 50 teens attempt suicide due mainly to the message that they are ‘less than’. I am writing this letter because 40% of the homeless youth are LGBTQ+ who were kicked out of their home. I am writing this letter because it is illegal to be gay in 76 countries, and punishable by death in 10.
I am writing this letter because in Arkansas they approved a bill that prevents cities and counties from enforcing laws that ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, and gender identity. Tennessee also passed this law a few years ago. The sponsor of this bill Sen. Bart Hester said that LGBTQ+ rights are ‘special rights’ when in all reality it is just equal rights.
I am writing this letter because gay clubs are big targets for serious attacks. The pulse nightclub shooting, the acid in dispensers at the Arrows nightclub, in 1990 at Uncle Charlie’s in Greenwich village in Manhattan, somebody set off a pipe bomb, and there are many many more attacks and assaults that have injured and killed hundreds. This is because the LGBTQ+ society is discriminated against and hated. If people were raised to not discriminate, and to love everyone equally then maybe this wouldn’t happen as much.
I am writing this letter because with all the discrimination happening LGBTQ+ teens and children are even more scared to come out, for fear for being bullied and hated by their friends, family, and neighbors! I am writing this letter because America’s worst mass-shooting was the Pulse nightclub.
I am writing this letter hoping that you will help stop this, that you will be able to do things to our society that the people can’t, and most of all I’m writing this letter to you in hopes that one day the LGBTQ+ people will not live in fear.


Kaydi Rudisell.



  1. Grace 4 years ago

    Dear Kaydi-
    I completely agree with you! The LGBTQ community really needs our support and love. They deserve to feel safe and Procter by the laws just as everyone else does. More needs to be done about this serious issue and hopefully significant changes can be made soon. They shouldn’t have to live in fear or be afraid to be who there are in this society. Everyone should be treated with equal respect. Great post!

  2. Maggie L 4 years ago

    I agree and believe the address of LGBTQ rights need to continued and placed in a more forefront position in the American news world. The worry felt by the family and friends in the gay community is unmatched, and no parent should have to worry about sending their son or daughter to college or out into the larger world. Equality means equality for all and we need a president who will level the playing field for all humans to have the basic human rights deserved.

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