Dear Future President of The United States of America,

Congrats on becoming president! I hope you consider these things that are happening right now let me explain!

In the United States, there hasn’t been much of a problem with women’s right like there was before but women still don’t have as many rights as men have.

Our world still needs women to be able to do what they want. I feel like women aren’t able to do as much as they want to do. Recently two women joined the military. They are the first women to be able to go to war.

Please take these requests into consideration. Thank you!


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  1. Sarah 4 years ago

    Hi Nicole, great concept of having our future president protect women’s rights. I full heartedly agree that we deserve to get treated better. I think to make this a little better possibly you could give examples of how we are treated unequally and how might we fix it. This is a national issue and I am sure many articles are floating out there that give examples of inequality and solutions to the problem. I think with examples and solutions it would make the reader more persuaded and on your side. Otherwise, great idea.

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