The Boy of the Painted Cave by Justin Denzel is a book about a boy named Tao and his amazing adventure. Tao is a young caveman with a lame leg. Throughout the story, he struggles to keep his passions a secret from his tribe. So I find this story to be extremely relatable to many teens who have to hide who they really are.

In the story, Tao is looking for food when he finds an injured wolf pup half-starved. He then helps the pup and in return, it follows him adding a problem to Tao’s already problematic life. Because having a wolf as a companion is considered taboo in his tribe.

One day while walking in the fields Tao noticed a secret cave. He uses this cave as an opportunity to do what he always wanted paint. Painting is another thing considered taboo among his tribe. 

Having finished this book I found it extremely interesting and hope to read more books like it.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Forbidden Art by Jaydon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Miguel 1 year ago

    I really found it interesting how you related to it to modern teenagers, which makes it more intriguing to read this interesting story.

  2. Ben 1 year ago

    This sounds like an interesting story and an interesting book! I will have to check it out sometime!

  3. Seiji 1 year ago

    This sounds like a really interesting novel and the way you describe it makes it even more intriguing.

  4. Brian 1 year ago

    I really like how you describe the story! keep it up!

  5. Benny ._. 1 year ago

    Wow what any interesting thing to think about!

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