Dear Next President of the United States,

First, let me congratulate you for reaching your goal. You crossed the finish line. I would like to share with you some issues that I think are important.

I would like to start by the issue of poverty. Many people are poor and don’t have enough the equal rights as the people who do have the right amount or more money. One thing that I think would be helpful to solve this issue is being thoughtful and helping out the poor people. One way we could help poor people is by letting them live in a house or give out money. 

A strong thought I had about this issue was to begin a project where we can get or receive money and give it out to the poor. This would help them a lot by having the enough money to save and get what they need to survive in life. In my opinion, it would be great to have no poor people suffering for food or because they have no homes. The reason I choose to talk about this issues was because there are also kids, young kids, who have to live in poverty.

Another issue that I feel strong about is immigrants. A lot of people have to come to the United States for money or because they heard about the United States and they come here for hope. I feel like it is not right to make your home place (United States) seem so good and bring people to it if you are going to make them leave again. 

No one has the right to make someone  become a better person and then let them down just because they are not from the U.S. I think that there should be ways to solve that problem and maybe you do have to pay, don’t make an exaggerating amount of money just because you want to become rich. There is a great amount of people already here, but with more people here this world will become a better place. More effort and help and the United States of America will be the best place you could ever imagine.

These are the two issues that I think you should focus on as a new president. Please put a lot of effort to make the state a better place.


  1. Samantha 4 years ago

    I agree that these two issues are some of the things we should focus on. I like the idea about helping the homeless with money, but it could be hard to just collect money and distribute it. This could also cause problems with the poor who don’t think they are getting a fair amount. I think it would be more beneficial to help the homeless find a job and earn the money rather than just handing the money to them without them doing anything to earn it. I also think immigration is a very important topic to fix. I think that the people who have come to America for a better life and show that they are working hard and living a better life should be able to stay in this country, and the ones who are causing problems should have to be the ones to leave.

  2. Suzanna 4 years ago

    I do agree that poverty and immigration are prominent issues. There are many programs to help homeless people, but none of them are permanent. Having money to give to the poor would help, but it wouldn’t be easy to just give people money. I think being able to supply more jobs and raising the minimum wage so people could make a living would be a more permanent solution. What do you think? As for immigration I agree that people should be allowed into the US, because most immigrants are coming to have a better life for themselves and their families. I think people need to be more compassionate towards immigrants, and not see immigration as a burden on the US.

  3. Gabriel 4 years ago

    Dear Jasmin,
    I agree with some of these issues that are going on in our country. I think that everyone has the right to speak what they think. And I also think that poor people should get shelter and others to help out. Good job on the post!

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