So recently I started reading the book, The Outsiders.

Ponyboy (who is the main character) is classified as a Greaser. A Greaser is known to be in gangs, have long greasy hair, (sometimes) criminals, poor, drunks, etc. Ponyboy is bothered by this.

This can relate to present day life because most teens who enter high school are separated by clicks. This can be like the nerds, plastics, ratchets, jocks, gamers, etc. I hate this because clicks are a way for people to get separated and stereotyped.

The opposite of a Greaser is a Soc. A Soc is like a goody two-shoes, rich person. This is also an example of “don’t judge a book by its cover,” because a person may seem like a nice person but they can really be a two-face.

Hopefully, when I finished the book I’ll watch the movie and see if they describe and show the stereotypes like they do in the book.

Photo by omEdivaD

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