Political correctness seems to be a larger issue now than it ever was. 

The definition of political correctness is “the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.” 

People nowadays are way too careful about what they say in fear of offending someone. For example, some people avoid calling another person a boy or girl because they don’t want to offend them or ASSUME their GENDER, which is stupid because there are only two genders. 

Some Police officers are somewhat afraid of pulling over or arresting African-American citizens in fear of being called racist. 

Overall, political correctness is being taken way too far and is out of control.   

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  1. Maddie 4 years ago

    You are correct- political correctness is a big issue in today’s society. But it should be. People SHOULD be careful of what they say in order not to offend others. As many other people have commented, a big part of this issue is that people don’t and won’t understand what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes. In order for you to make a strong argument, you will need facts, sources, and examples that make sense in order to convince people of why this shouldn’t be a big issue. Until then, consider the root as to why this is an issue today.

  2. Celia 4 years ago


    This post was written in what my mom would call a ‘fighting tone’. Instead of supporting your argument with facts, personal experiences, or or real-world examples, you rushed to invalidate people’s experiences. I can agree that it is becoming increasingly looked down on to assume someone’s gender by their physical apperance, but that is a good thing! Not only is that making a world a friendlier place for transgender/gender nonconforming people, but it is also helping to break gender boundaries, something that impacts all genders in an equally positive way!

    As for police officers being “somewhat afraid of pulling over or arresting African-American citizens in fear of being called racist”, you’re leaving out a key opposing argument. Police brutality against Black people is a huge problem. Here is a page full of Huffington Post articles http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/police-brutality/ . As you can see, almost all cases of police brutality are against Black people! This is a huge problem facing the African American community, and I’m glad to hear that some police officers are questioning if their choice to persecute someone are based off their race.

    Your post is lacking in detail and maturity,

    • Jeremi 4 years ago

      “transgender/gender nonconforming people”
      The problem with this that there are only two genders; just like in every animal.

      “Police brutality against Black people is a huge problem”
      It’s a problem for everyone. However it is not racism. According to the NCVS, approximately 40% of places in jail are token by black people due to crime rates. Rather than screaming racist, we could provide jobs and better education for those in need.

      “Here is a page full of Huffington Post articles http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/police-brutality/ . As you can see, almost all cases of police brutality are against Black people! ”
      It’s the Washington Post, not a study / research group. According to Roland Fryer (as well and Washington Post), a HARVARD ECONOMICS PROFFESSOR, who studied 1000+ officer shootings:

      An analysis of the Washington Post’s Police Shooting Database and of Federal Crime Statistics reveals that fully 12 percent of all whites and Hispanics who die of homicide are killed by cops. By contrast, only four percent of black homicide victims are killed by cops.
      ” and ”
      Harvard economics professor Roland Fryer analyzed more than 1,000 officer-involved shootings across the country. He concluded that there is zero evidence of racial bias in police shootings. In Houston, he found that blacks were 24 percent less likely than whites to be shot by officers even though the suspects were armed or violent.

      “Your post is lacking in detail and maturity,

      Your post is lacking in detail, stats and accuracy,

  3. Malia 4 years ago

    Caleb, I do agree that we have become more sensitive to political correctness but I disagree with the fact that it’s something bad. There are so many opportunities to express who you are and you should be able to do so without the fear of someone pushing you down. For years we have been cautious of others feeling and I believe that now we are just trying to respect others lives. We should accept those around us for how they decided to define themselves and it shouldn’t be up to us on the way they choose to live.

  4. Foster 4 years ago

    Hi Caleb,
    I think that political correctness is very important nowadays. Honestly, people need to know what is going on in our world, and if people continue spreading incorrect “facts”, then we are heading down a false path. I think that in our day and age, many people do take things to far, and give everything a label and bring out stereotypes a lot. I personally would like to see this change as I’m sure many would too.
    But I would like to comment on when you say, “they don’t want to offend them or ASSUME their GENDER, which is stupid because there are only two genders.” Yes people usually don’t want to offend others, but I think there is a better way you can talk about this issue.

  5. Grace 4 years ago

    Hi Caleb,
    While I do agree that people have become sensitive to certain issues and refrain from making comments that could offend certain comments, I do not agree with some of the claims you have made. I think it is a bit harsh to say that it is “stupid because there are only two genders.” That particular part of your piece made me feel much less convinced of your argument. I think you could better argue your point through the use of more specific examples.

  6. Trevor 4 years ago

    I would agree with you. People are way to cautious about being politically correct in this day and age and everyone seems to get offended way to quick. You could have used facts to back up your point a little better but I know exactly where you are coming from.

  7. Annika 4 years ago

    Hello Caleb,
    I agree that sometimes political correctness is sometimes taken too seriously. I do not agree on how you went about supporting this claim and the examples you used to support the claim. The way you worded these examples makes me wonder if you ever even thought about being in anyone else’s shoes. Your steps to support were harsh and had zero backup evidence making me wonder if you are trying to support the opposite of what your claim is in a satire-like fashion. If this is not the case or even if it is maybe next time include some additional research other than looking up the definition of that of which you are speaking about; maybe something along the lines of statistics or other people’s point of view who have actually had experience in the examples you so carelessly plop out.

  8. Tommy 4 years ago

    Hi Caleb,
    You bring up an interesting point that people are way too careful about what the say in fear of offending someone. Is political correctness this? If so, I could argue that political correctness is really about taking someone else’s point of view, which, in my personal opinion, is progress in society from a time where things like stereotypical gender roles, racism, and all sorts of bigotry was reinforced by powerful figures using terms that would offend those people. (And just to name a few examples, Jim crow laws, Women in the place, Stonewall riots)
    Your example about people avoiding gender nouns and pronouns (while lacking sources for reference) I think can easily be avoided. If you aren’t sure about someones gender, just ask. Plus I think you can definitely tell who is a boy and who is a girl most of time.
    When people are not (as you say) “politically correct”, I think this leads to isolating certain groups. A good example of this is Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte (who until recently, after God told him to stop) swore like a sailor (goo.gl/6mfW2b)
    . He has recently called Obama a son of (Explicit). To other countries (of which he has also insulted), the Philippines seems like an embarrassment. Following with absence of political corrects, Duterte has also stated facts that are false, but offensive to many people. If this is what not being politically correct is, I will stick with the correctness.
    In end, insulting people and being offensive, in my own experience, does not clear a path to have difficult discussions. Instead, in minimizes a group (and in most cases, this is already the minority group). Without stopping and taking in to account other peoples points of view, I feel that a lot of real change is lost, in the present, past, and future.

    • Jeremi 4 years ago

      The hypocrisy is that you do not add any sources with the exception of one for your multiple points that you brought up.

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