Well first, if you become president, it’s gonna be lit! Girls run this world.I’m writing this letter because of the problems we are facing. They are very serious. They need to be stopped immediately.

Gentrification is a real problem happening in the urban community. I’ve seen it day in, day out that families are getting pushed out there homes and are having to go someplace else. This problem should be one of the top priorities, especially as it affects people all around the world. A solution that can possibly solve this is making sure that when rent is raised people’s benefits are raised as well. This way they can make ends meet as well.

Another problem that needs to be fixed is discrimination in the justice system. The whole world has watched so many people getting a slap on the wrist while being on trial for serious crimes. But if the tables were turned, it’ll be a whole didn’t kind of “slap on the wrist.” I feel as if the justice system is so corrupt and so many people try to make a change in that situation, but there is barely anyone that’ll have the ability to make a change that’ll be effective. A solution would be that there will be a judge with eyes for both sides, or just having people in power that’ll be FAIR to all, not just one specific group.




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