People think that it is cool to smoke weed or snort cocaine on school grounds. It strikes me as odd that kids in middle school even do this kind of stuff. I really want to stop this but it would be to no avail.

Drugs are really bad for your health and will kill you if you don’t get some help. Yeah, some drugs may help you but mostly it kills you inside.

I think that drugs at school should not be a problem, especially in the school “black-market” which to me is such a stupid idea. Why do you need this money from giving kids that crud and then they die?

This is also a world-wide problem that needs to be stopped.

  1. Montana 3 years ago

    Hello Martin,
    I am so shocked that people do drugs on school grounds, but it is true and almost every school has to deal with it. I honestly don’t understand why teens think it is a good idea to bring it on school grounds. I believe school should be a safe environment for everyone and should not have any bad influences. It might be almost impossible to end it with drugs being ‘cool’ in society, but one thing people can do is have their voices heard. I for one believe that drugs are a symbol of violence and there is nothing peaceful about it. Overall, thank you Martin for sharing this topic.

  2. Annika 4 years ago

    Hello Martin,
    I agree with your piece and am shocked to hear that people do drugs at school! This seems very detrimental to the entire flow of school, leading to making yourself not totally there when you are supposed to be furthering your knowledge. I have yet to hear about this “black market” in the school place you are speaking of. I am actually pretty confused about this part of your announcement, please elaborate next time to avoid this confusion. I do see that there is a time and place for drugs correctly prescribed for you by a doctor and that they are a necessary thing in our world today. Don’t say that your efforts would not catch on! Follow your dreams Martin and change the way children nowadays view drugs!

    • Author
      Martin 3 years ago

      Kids in my school have, according to friends,a “secret salesplace”. I consider it a black-market. I hope this helps you.

  3. Rylan 4 years ago

    Dear Martin,
    I agree. Drug use should not be something that should be a problem for high schools and middle schools. It is one thing if people are doing drugs in their own time, but why do they have to bring all that bad influence and those poor decision making skills to school with them? I think it would be advantageous for parents, and community leaders to attempt to put an end to this sort of stuff.
    Rylan Rawson

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