Abortion laws and women’s rights are a polarizing issue that inflames passions on both sides of the argument. In many ways the right to have an abortion is an indication to the ever more secularized “New America”, as most prominent religious organizations either oppose its practice, for example, catholicism, or say that this action should only be taken when there are major concerns, like if the carrier was raped, the fetus was the product of rape, the fetus poses a serious risk to the carriers life, etc.

The Pew Research center found that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Will excommunicates any person who helps or supports abortion, that is not due to pregnancy that threatens the life of the mother or has come about through rape or incest, and of the entire list of churches that was provided only one advocated for safe and accessible abortions; which was the Jewish church (http://www.pewforum.org/2013/01/16/religious-groups-official-positions-on-abortion/).

Though it will not surprise anyone, people who are more religious tend to support abortion being illegal in all cases. However, it is interesting to note the extreme difference of views on abortion depending on how often people attend church. A Gallup poll found that of Christians, who attend church weekly 39% said that abortion should be illegal in any circumstances whereas 9% said that abortion should be legal under any circumstance, and the others either did not have an opinion or said that the abortion should only occur specific conditions were met.

When Christians attended almost weekly it was 20% and 20%, when they attended once a month 25% believe that should be legal under any circumstance and 11% said it should be illegal under any circumstance, of Christians who seldom or never attended 29% said abortion should be legal under any circumstance and 11% said it should be illegal in any circumstance (http://www.gallup.com/poll/22222/religion-politics-inform-americans-views-abortion.aspx).

Another Gallup poll found that of non-religious Americans 80% of them identified as pro-choice with 15% of them identifying themselves as pro-life, which is extremely different from the rate of Christians who identify themselves as pro-life versus pro-choice (http://www.gallup.com/poll/162548/americans-misjudge-abortion-views.aspx). With the continued rise of non-religious identifying individuals and their strong pro-choice opinions, as well as the relative stability of pro life versus pro choice opinions, favoring pro-choice, it seems that a woman’s right to have an abortion will remain supported.



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  1. Guadalupe 4 years ago

    I think that abortion is different due to religious beliefs because if a person is really dedicated to their religion then they won’t do any of the restrictions their religion has told them not to do. Let’s say a religion tells every women is committing sin if they abort their child or it’s not the baby’s fault that they are coming to earth. While another religion might not say anything and tell them that they can abort if they want to or that the abortion can proceed if they had been raped or if the pregnancy is going to ruin the mother’s life. Lastly, I think religion does have a major impact on abortion.

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