In the first few chapters of The Other Side of the Sky, Farah talks about her childhood and family traditions. She also talked about how she loved school. The thing that most fascinated her was the sky, stars, and the galaxy. 

In the chapter titled “Going to School,” she talks about how her teacher would tell them stories and that they would stay out of trouble because of the stories. In chapter “The Shortcut”, she states that she was late for school and that she was “missing precious minutes of my teacher’s stories”. Farah then decides to take a shortcut to get to school faster. This tells me that she really loves school and that she was dedicated to it.

Most people in this time are not very fascinated by school and think its “boring”. I think school is important and it’s gonna help you get a good job and also help you succeed in life. So, we should appreciate school and actually try to make it in time because, in some countries, people have to pay to go to school. Like Farah, she found something that she was interested in at school, and I believe if you also find something that interests you, even if it’s math or English, and with that subject maybe you will want to go to school just to learn new things about it.


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