Women and men should always be treated equally. Same pay for the same work. Same options. The chance to serve your country by joining the army should not be any different. Women should be able to serve in the army if they please. There have been two women in my life who have been very outspoken about women’s rights. They are both amazing people who aren’t afraid to speak their mind when confronted. Both are very passionate about reinforcing the idea that women can do anything. Having spent my high school years experiencing and watching them stand up for themselves and others, it has inspired me and taught me that I should never be brought down or should not be afraid to do anything.

In the article “Maintain the Combat Exclusion for Women in the Military” Jude Eden argues that adding women creates more danger for everyone and risks compromising missions. Her argument states that women have much higher risks of injury and illness and fail to meet the infantry standards most of the time. She also brings forth the point that commanders shouldn’t have to deal with the added burdens such as pregnancy, relationships, hygiene, and more as well as trying to discipline the group for mission accomplishment. Jude Eden continues to argue that women are targeted because when they are captured, it brings the American morale down which then affects a soldier’s ability to fight. She finishes off by saying women can serve their country in different ways and maintaining the combat exclusion doesn’t take anything away from women but elevates and protects them.

On the other hand, CBS news in the article “Report: Women should be allowed in combat” quotes Anu Bhagwati, a former Marine captain, who said that the prohibition on women in combat is “archaic, it does not reflect the many sacrifices and contributions that women make in the military, and it ignores the reality of current war-fighting doctrine.” The news report states that “keeping women out of combat posts prohibits them from serving in 10 percent of Marine Corps and Army occupational specialties and thus is a barrier to advancement”. They even say evidence has shown that integrating women has not damaged cohesion but has put a positive impact on mission accomplishment.



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  1. Ian 2 years ago

    thats a really neat article, my idea is allow all women into the army

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