The political issue that is currently affecting me most is the presidential election. This year’s election is very different from previous years due to very aggressive attitudes of the candidates and also because of the very different and somewhat extreme views the candidates have. 

For example, Donald Trump’s views on immigrants and foreigners, as explained in the article “No, Donald Trump has not softened his stance on banning Muslims” by Scott Clement, are very extreme, he is willing to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of the “United” States of America, and he threatens to expose Muslims by marking them with special identification as if Muslims are bad people. 

This concerns me because my family and I are proud Muslims, but we are the polar opposite of violent people. Because of our religious beliefs, we should not be badged and be made different than anybody else. Putting this label on our back is unfair and violates our first amendment right according to the article “Donald Trump Has So Many Unconstitutional Ideas That The ACLU Is Tracking Them”, by Christian Farias.





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