In this day and age we have a lot of things thrown at us. The impact of social media and all these news outlets and people giving us different opinions of issues left and right. Granted there are a lot of problems in our world today. But they are not all black and white, and cannot all be solved by one decision perfectly. Nowadays things a way more complicated and require much more time commitment to making decisions on issues.

But right now, I think the issue of gun control and rights needs to be talked about. Yes, the second amendment is about the “right to bear arms”. But what we must remember the era that the founders were living in. The circumstances that they were living in are different than what most are accustomed to today, especially in the United States.

My opinion on the matter is, I am fine with people having a small handgun for protection and restricted use. People do need a way to defend themselves. I’m not saying that they are the perfect option for everything, but mainly, I feel that the excessive use of them is unreasonable. Look at what gun manufacturers have created now. These bolt-action rifles and guns are menacing and can cause serious damage. I just don’t feel comfortable honestly with these massive guns around me. They are meant for war, yet even in war it seems unruly.

But at the same time they provide better protection to troops in rough conditions, and are a solid way to defend yourself. The thing I’m hoping for, is that the next president gets the point across that yes you can have your guns, but to not obtain them in excess. Also, I think it is important to do gun safety classes, have background checks and other requirements to own a gun. They are powerful and dangerous weapons, and I’d like to see the problems of gun control taken care of in this next presidency.

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  1. Amjid 4 years ago

    I defiantly agree that the overly violent use of guns today is unreasonable and a solution needs to be found, there are to many people who own guns for the intent to use them for violence. This creates a dangerous situation for many citizens in the United States.

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