One of the top debated topics in today’s politics is the increase of minimum wage. Currently the “federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour is too low for anyone to live on” and it is the reason why their is a huge gap of the “rich” and the “poor” (“Should the Minimum Wage Be Increased”). Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have mentioned the importance of the rate of the current minimum wage; however, they both have different views of this heated topic.

       In the article The Pros and Cons of Raising the Minimum Wage, Chad Halvorson argues that it is beneficial to job opportunities, stimulates the economy, decrease turnover rates and reduce expenses for social programs. By raising wages, the middle class will be able to spend more money which in turn will “inject 22.1 billion net into the economy and create about 85,000 new jobs” (“Should the Minimum Wage Be Increased”). This in turn will tighten the tremendous gap between the different economic classes.

       The article titled Should the Federal Minimum Wage Be Increased claims that if the minimum wage goes up then businesses will decrease the number of employees. By doing this, job opportunities will decline and as a result, automated robots will replace employees (“Should the Minimum Wage Be Increased”). Other cons would include more layoffs, inflation, and an increase of competition in hiring employees (Halvorson).

       This topic is of interest to me because I am the next generation to deal with these issues. When Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump will become president, this issue needs to be addressed, so that their is a smaller gap between the wealthy and the non wealthy. It’s essential that the youth of America and every American is able to live a decent life with or without the qualification of being a skilled professional worker.


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  1. Connor 2 years ago

    The problem isn’t with minimum wage, it’s that that there aren’t enough jobs and that the American economy is one for the employers. I’d like to see America become an employees economy instead. This would require actually watching our border and protecting our native industries though, and wanting those things in this day and age make you literally evil in the eyes of many.

  2. Mason 2 years ago

    This is a really touchy topic. Americans all over the country have different views on the idea of minimum wage, but the vast majority of us can agree that it needs to be raised. Millions of Americans are living in poverty and working multiple jobs, so an increase is definatly needed, but to what extent it this needed and how much is too much of a raise.

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